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In the midst of an economic crisis the governor has decided to buy a luxurious 5 bedroom house off the coast of Hub Vega. Coincidence?  I don't think so...

In this 3rd person Stealth/Brawler you take on the role of  "THE BAR III". The third generation in a lineage of superheroes that have been protecting the city of HubVega Since 1969

  • -Objectives.
    • Find your way to the governor's backyard.
    • Find a Way Into the house.
    • Find Evidence that Governor Mathews misused funds. ( This the demo after you collect the icon the game is pretty much over and you can freerome the area.)
  • -Controls.
    • Inventory- I/ Select
    • Strong ATK- L-Click /RB
    • Weak ATK- #one/RT
    • Block-R-Click /LB
    • Sprint-SHIFT /R3
    • Crouch-C /Y
    • Use Food-U/LT
    • Quit-Esc
    • Use EquipItems to at weapons and food
    • Use StoreItems to check inventory
  • Known Issues.
    • Lighting is crap.
    • There are no loadings screens so, it should be a 10sec-3mins wait time for the game to start.(Longer Depending on your rig.)
  • DevNotes & background
    • The full game doesn't have a release date but this version will be updated frequently with better level design, Enemy AI, More weapons etc..
    • Episode 0 is buggy but if you want more content after the demo you can download it here - https://cardnal69.itch.io/the-bar-episode-0prototype
    • If you see any bugs or enemies walking thru wall just let me know and I'll patch it right away.
    • This project originally started out as Game based on DC COMICS'  character "THE QUESTION" but it turned into my own thing along to way.  The story I wrote takes heavy influence from pretty much any noir comic character like Rorschach, The spirit, sandman, dr. occult, Mr. A, phantom Stanger, crimson avenger, green hornet, the shadow etc...


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