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After recieving a tip from his informant our hero heads to the BrookShyre Docks to investigate why Bishop Blaze & his clan of vampires have taken control of the train yard. In this 3rd person Stealth/Brawler you take on the role of  "THE BAR III". The third generation in a lineage of superheroes that have been protecting the city of HubVega Since 1969. 

  1. Instructions
    1. There are no loadings screens yet so, it should be a 10sec-3mins wait time for the game to start.(Depending on your rig.)
    2. I don't know why but,  By default "press E to enter Keypad will pop up at the start of the game . So Just press E then Esc and you'll be good
    3.   Press I/select to open Inventory window
    4. Read Informant note in StoreItems Menu
    5. Equip weapons & food in EquipItems Menu
    6. Press "U" or LT to eat food during gameplay
    7. Walk near a key pad to activate it.
    8. Use the codes in the informant's note  to open key pads.
  2. Known Issues
    1. Lighting is crap.
    2. Enemies may walk thru certain walls and objects(if so tell me where & ill fix it.)
    3. You only Have 1 LIFE.... And so  if you die just quit, restart the game and load your save Game.( Its ridiculous I know.)
  3. DevNotes & Background
    1. If you have any trouble or see any bugs feel free to tell me.
    2. The Game is still under development so if you have any suggestions for a feature or weapon feel free to let me known and I might get around to adding them
    3. This project originally started out as Game based on DC COMICS'  character "THE QUESTION" but it turned into my own thing along to way.  The story I wrote takes heavy influence from Blade, a vampire in Brooklyn, L. A confidential & and pretty much any noir comic character like Rorschach, The spirit, sandman, dr. occult, Mr. A, phantom Stanger, crimson avenger, green hornet, the shadow etc...


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